Monday, October 24, 2011

Ski Resorts in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan - a country of mountains. Over 90% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous. Which undoubtedly influences the development of ski tourism and sport in Kyrgyzstan. Was built, and successfully developed a large number of ski resorts.Ski season starts in Kyrgyzstan in November and lasts until early April, and the best time for skiing - February and March. However, you can ride in Kyrgyzstan in the summer, for example, on glaciers or in the mountains.For lovers to ride freeride there is a possibility of getting to the slopes by helicopter or car. It is also possible the ascent of the mountain peaks and glaciers and slopes with them.Staying in Kyrgyzstan, is a great opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding.Ski resorts Kyrgyzstan are very diverse. Here is where to go to professionals and beginners. At many bases, there are trails of varying difficulty. Virtually all the bases for hire of equipment and experienced instructors. You have the opportunity to stay in the suites, semi suites and standard. All this means that you can choose to ski base on many criteria.

Karakol Ski Resort.

Ski "Karakol" is 7km. from Karakol (Issyk-Kul region) on the slopes of the Tien Shan Mountains. And ifrastrukture and the quality and extent of the slope is considered oneof the best ski bases in Central Asia. The resort is situated in a picturesque locationsurrounded by pine forest around. Ski resort "Karakol" is at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, that stosobstvuet early start of the season and latecompletion.
The climate is mild, as by the influence of high-altitude, ice-free Lake Issyk-Kul. Winter is quite warm with a light frost. The average temperature in winter -5. The ski seasonlasts from November to April. Snow cover on the slopes reaches a thickness of 1.5-2 m.
More than 20 km. routes and are able to satisfy an experienced skier, and the man who conquers the mountain slopes for the first time. It is heaven for amateur freeride and for those who prefer to ride on the groomed trails. The area has a wideand spacious ski descents on virgin soil, and on specially prepared slopes. The length of every run is different from 400m to 3.5 km. Most of the trails pass through the pine forest.

Within the complex there is:
-cottages "Chalet"
-4 Chairlifts
-a conference room
-a helipad
-In the winter time - hire of ski equipment and snowmobiles.

Ski "Orlovka".

Ski Resort "Orlovka" - a picturesque corner of Kyrgyzstan located 90 km from Bishkek, on the road to Lake Issyk-Kul. Accommodation probably based on a 2, 3 and 6 seater rooms, as well as in 3 local cottages. Each room is required the necessary furniture, shower, toilet, hot and cold water, TV.
Perfectly prepared slopes have always been a "visiting card" of the base. Ski"Orlovka" is the only base where equipment is snow cannons, so, provided that thetemperature below zero, snow is always there.

There are always three working lifts, two of which chair. Length of the track lift chair liftbetween 150 to 900 meters with differences ranging from 110 to 350 meters with an average speed of the cable car - the order of 4 m / sec. Cable cars arranged oneafter the other, which significantly increases the length of the descent. Top and bottom of chair lifts are always instructors who are always ready to help you. For those who do not have their own ski equipment at the existing rent ski equipmentAlways available is a selection of the latest models of mountain skiing (child, adolescent, female, adult), as well as snowboards. Experienced instructors are always ready to help you. For those wishing to night skiing is possible.
Ski "Orlovka" is equipped with nine tracks of different complexity and different length.Length from 150 to 2890 meters with a height difference of 30 to 560 meters.Perfectly groomed trails, fresh mountain air, beautiful mountain scenery will allowenjoy skiing, both professionals and amateures.